Meet Our Team


Senior Tattoo Artist - Bob Vallance

 Why not try the Unique experience of Freehand Tattooing, where Bob will hand draw your chosen design direct onto the skin, as opposed to using a common stencil.

This allows him to make the design fit and work better with the shape of the area to be tattooed.

Bob is a sponsored artist of Skin2Skin Aftercare.


Tattoo Artist/Piercer - Fransje Taylor

 Sje specialises in full colour artwork and is heavily influenced by Geek and Anime culture.

Her preferred styles are Watercolour and Sketch, but is more than happy to do all types of design. 

Polynesian, Maori, Trash Polka, Traditional Japanese, Geometric, Dot Work, and Black and Grey.

Tattoo Artist - Art Juni

 Our newest addition to the team specialises in the following styles - Polynesian, 


Trash Polka, 

Traditional Japanese, 

Geometric and Dot Work Styles.  

Piercing and laser removal

Please contact the studio for price and availability of all services offered


Check out this great video, showing the start of a sleeve.

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