Bob Vallance


Bob Vallance originates from Birmingham but has lived in Blackpool and now Blackburn for over 30 years surely now giving him the title of Honoury Northerner! 

He started his 3 year apprenticeship in Tattooing with Batley Body Art in Yorkshire, more than 20 years ago, since then tattooing full time at a studio in Blackpool and a few years later becoming a Partner in that business. 

In 2009, he decided that it was time to go it alone, opening Modz n Rockers Tattoo studio, it was hard work for quite a few years building up customers, but soon became a successful  business  and is still going strong to today He decided about around 2015 after a couple of decades of working his way through many genres in the industry, to concentrate solely on Black and Grey and Freehand work. 

To this present day he Custom Designs, and Tattoos his clients at Modz n Rockers in Layton, Nr Blackpool. 

Fransje Taylor


I first joined the Modz team back in 2012, I began my career as a body piercer. Previously to joining Modz I trained as a health care assistant, and was also studying forensic psychology. With my prior knowledge of anatomy and physiology this made the transition into a body piercer quite simple. I became fully qualified in 2014 and began an accredited member of the UK Body Piercing Association. Since then I have embarked on many courses and hold certificates for a variety of subjects, this includes becoming the laser technician in 2016.  My tattooing career began in 2017. Once I began my apprenticeship I knew that this was the path I wanted to be on. While on my apprenticeship i found a love for mandala and intricate lined designs, but knew the direction I wanted to go in was colour and geek culture designs. I was always inspired by artists such as Salvador Dali and Katsushika Hokusai. Since being a teenager I have always had a keen interest in Japan and Japanese culture and began to learn the language in late 2017. I like finding beauty in the most unusual places. Im a firm believer that randomness and tattoos that make you smile are one of life’s simple pleasures. As a young child I was always an introvert and tattoos allowed me to put my personality on my skin for the world to see, and it brings me great pleasure to encourage others to do this.  In my artwork I am always inspired by Anime and Geek culture. I am also a keen reader and gamer, I’m usually at my happiest when drawing pieces which relate to fandoms. I have two very distinct art styles. One of these is bright colours, with intricate detail. I prefer doing watercolour pieces but also enjoy doing solid colour. My other style is what is known as sketch style. By doing pieces in this style it allows me to add small intricate detail into the pieces by building up lines and stippled shading. I love adding this effect to my coloured pieces to give the effect of a freshly drawn designs with the sketch marks still in place.  I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given to put my artwork on people, and I have some of the best customers I could ask for. 

Arthur Tatha


My name is Arthur, but some people call me ‘Tatha’ or ‘Art’. 

I am an aspiring artist with a great passion for Tattooing. 

I am a native of the Philippines and have always been interested in art. Growing up, in my spare time, I always ended up with a pencil or a brush in my hand. 

In 2009, with my wife and son as inspiration, I started to pursue my career in tattooing and was known as ARTHTATAK TATTOO with the slogan ‘WAG KANG BARAT SA SARILI MONG BALAT!’ which translates as ‘Don’t be cheap with your own skin’.

I strive to create and tattoo, custom pieces which encourage a very positive experience for my customer.

I’m experienced in many tattoo styles, such as Polynesian, Maori, Trash Polka, Traditional Japanese, Geometric, Dot Work, and Black and Grey. 

Most of the time, I mix up my styles, especially when doing Dot Work to make it unique.

Now at Modz & Rockers, I strive to actively seek out and all opportunities with Bob and Sje to better myself and my skills.